Tess Robinson

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What they will be talking about: Unlocking Potential: Why Gender Equality is Essential to all our Futures

More details: "In this 'book' we explore how learning can empower women and address bias and marginalisation in the face of global challenges to the benefit of us all, drawing on global examples and experiences from the UN's Committee on the Status of Women.

We face an unprecedented number of global challenges, risks and opportunities from climate change, technological advancements and economic and political instability. To meet these challenges, we need to be utilising the talents of EVERYBODY. Yet despite this, women still find themselves marginalised or even excluded and bias is rife. In this ‘book’ Tess uses her experiences of being a delegate at the UN’s Committee on the Status of Women, to explore how learning can empower women and to share examples from around the world where learning and technology are having a positive impact on women’s empowerment to the benefit of all. "