We take the safety of our clients very seriously and take all available steps to investigate and minimise misleading emails. Please get in touch with your Account Manager if you suspect any form of communication you receive to be suspicious or unlawful.

The CIPD aims to minimise the risk of fraudulent acticity, so we've prepared a list of common scams below, as well as steps to avoid becoming a target of malicious parties.

Exhibitors are being targeted by organisations claiming to be, or work with the CIPD. They can offer misleading data services, accommodation recommendations and show guide services. Sometimes, they use existing CIPD branding which may appear genuine.

Please be aware and remain vigilant when contacted by these organisations. We recommend not responding to these communications, and to circulate examples of scam emails to make the appropriate teams aware of the risk. The CIPD Festival of Work is not in any way associated with these organisations and does not engage in the sale or trade of any customer/data lists or charge for show guides/profiles.

If you are ever in doubt about a piece of communication received in relation to the CIPD Festival of Work, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with your Account Manager. If you are sent an email from an account that you do not recognise, please do check with your usual Account Manager. 



If you ever receive a postal form or E-mail requesting information, please check with a member of the CIPD Festival of Work team. Show guide scams have been circulating for years, and as per the small-print, these entries have charges involved.

Your genuine exhibitor profile is part of your exhibitor package and has no additional cost. We do not ever ask for profiles to be completed by post or E-mails other than through known contacts.


We are aware that many fraudulent organisations claim to be selling attendee data in the lead-up and also post-event. Some pose to be from the CIPD. Please be aware this is not our event data and is generic (unlawful data).

CIPD and Haymarket Media Group take GDPR and data protection very seriously and excluding our registration supplier, this information is not shared with any third parties.

Scammers will gather publicly available information in order to look legitimate, or claim, to have a full attendee list of event delegates. Often the number of contacts shown is incorrect and includes pricing information. 


For live events, organisations have contacted exhibitors offering hotel bookings at low rates. We strongly recommend to only use our approved accommodation provider or one you trust.

In the online manual, you will find details of booking accommodation at preferential rates, please refer to this when organising your travel. You can also use our booking portal.