Matt Holt-Rogers

Director and Head of Wellbeing, Wellbeing4business Ltd

Matt’s journey into the world of health and wellbeing started during his time as a ski race coach, where he prepared athletes for the European race circuit. Driven by his passion for coaching, he sought further qualifications in fitness and coaching.

He expanded his scope further by collaborating with occupational health and wellbeing providers as a dedicated health coach and technician.

Over the course of six years, Matt’s unwavering dedication to exploring health and wellbeing led him to his current role as Director and Head of Wellbeing at Wellbeing4business Ltd.

In his present capacity, Matt is at the forefront of guiding NHS and large corporate organisations towards enhanced processes and strategies that elevate occupational health, wellbeing, and absence management.

Matt’s expertise and commitment are the driving force behind his mission to empower organisations with the knowledge and tools to thrive in the realm of health  and wellbeing.

He continues to explore the ways in which health affect work and work affects health.