Margaret Greer

National Officer, Unison

Margaret Greer is a dedicated advocate for race equality and social justice, currently serving as the National Officer for Race Equality at the trade union UNISON. Her commitment to combating racism and inequality earned her the prestigious Nelson Mandela Award, recognizing her outstanding contributions in this fight.

In her role at UNISON, Margaret provides strategic advice on race equality issues, including on the National Executive Committee and leading UNISON's National Black Members Committee. She played a pivotal role in developing UNISON's Race Discrimination Claims Protocol, demonstrating her proactive approach to addressing systemic barriers faced by Black individuals in the workplace and wider community.

Margaret's passion for civic engagement led her to participate in Operation Black Vote's MP Shadowing Scheme and the prestigious Pathway to Success Leadership Programme at the University of Oxford. As a Labour Councillor for the London Borough of Enfield, Upper Edmonton Ward, Margaret brings her expertise to local governance, serving as a former Chair of the Overview and Scrutiny Committee and Vice Chair of the Equalities Board.

Committed to continuous learning and development, Margaret completed the Future Candidates Programme and Jo Cox Women in Leadership Programme run by the Labour Party and Labour Women's Network. She also participated in the Bernie Grant Programme Induction Day panel on Labour Party, Trade Unions, and Anti-Racism.

In her newest role as Deputy Mayor of Enfield, Margaret works closely with local leaders and organizations to address community priorities. She believes in fostering dialogue and understanding to combat prejudice and discrimination, advocating for equality, diversity, and inclusion in all aspects of society.

Additionally, since 2021, Margaret has served as the London District Representative to the Methodist Church Conference, further demonstrating her commitment to community engagement and representing the interests of diverse communities.

Outside of her professional pursuits, Margaret is an avid supporter of Manchester United Football Club and remains passionate about promoting diversity and inclusion in all aspects of life. Her dedication to social justice and tireless advocacy make her a valuable asset to any community or organization she serves.