Lifetime - Financial wellbeing for all.

Lifetime provides financial wellbeing and education to companies looking to enhance their employee benefit offering. We also provide direct financial guidance and planning to individuals.

As experienced finance professionals, we have a clear vision and ethos. We believe financial education, planning and wellbeing should be accessible to everyone, regardless of personal circumstances.

We work closely with businesses who are looking to enhance their employee value proposition by providing their employees with a financial wellbeing benefit. This includes financial education, planning as well as specialist advice around the topics of savings, money management, retirement planning, mortgages, pensions and more.

By choosing Lifetime’s financial wellbeing benefit, companies can offer their employees all the tools and resources they need to plan for a healthier financial future.

We understand that people have different financial goals, whether it is saving more, retiring early, planning for a holiday or wedding, undertaking home improvements or simply wanting to get a clearer picture of where they are with their finances. We take the time to understand people’s needs, concerns and goals, and develop a personalised financial plan to help them achieve their individual financial goals. And the Lifetime Financial Wellbeing App and Educational Hub complement the personal, friendly and jargon-free services we deliver with our team of experienced people.

In today’s economic climate, the responsibility of managing finances is huge. Having financial education, planning and wellbeing at your fingertips can help shape healthy money habits – not just for today, but for a healthier financial future.

Talk to us today to find out how you can get the Lifetime financial wellbeing benefit for your company.