Laura Mohomed

Global Health and Wellbeing Manager, Tetra Pak

Laura Mohomed is Global Health and Wellbeing Manager at Tetra Pak.

Her wide range of experience and knowledge of wellbeing are her greatest strengths in providing the best employee experience. Laura believes that her leadership, passion, and confidence are assets that make her the 'realistic' wellbeing professional.

As Global Health & Wellbeing Manager, she leads a cross-functional team to create and implement effective strategies that support the physical, mental, and social wellbeing of employees. With over 12 years of experience in health and wellbeing leadership, Laura has a strong background in training, coaching, policy, and communication, as well as safety, health, and sustainability.

During her days off from work, Laura is a Non- Executive Director for Liverpool County Football Association, she is a trusted member of the board, guiding them on all health, wellbeing a people matters.