Jackie Grier

Director, Mindset Practice

I really love what I do and who I am at Mindset Practice. Enabling others, I realise has always been core to my purpose in work and life. From my early days as a Nurse and Health Visitor there has been a golden thread in my career that has focused on enabling others to be their best selves at work and at home.

That is why I try to live and breathe the Mindset Practice mission of enabling others to show up from a Mindset of Growth rather than Survival.

This passion has led me to become highly competent in Mindset development and behaviour change and to work with organisations and teams and our licensed Practitioner community in a collaborative way to deliver Mindset solutions globally.

My quest to learn blended with a positive intent ensures I deliver mindful challenge to encourage people to step beyond the familiar and explore more possibilities, develop more clarity and promote a productive climate of Growth.

My golden thread of personal development extends to myself, I choose to include physical and mental fitness as a key part of my life having dabbled in Tough Mudders and even a brief but hard-earned appearance on Ninja Warrior UK!

More recently I have utilised my strength and intuition through slowing down and practicing Yoga.

I am more than proud to be a mum of two beautiful girls and am told I am an inspiration to them every day!

I am at my best in Growth when I am being playful and curious with clients and facilitating and observing  those light bulb moments of clarity and inspiration that we are privileged to observe.

You will observe me in Survival becoming too fast and clipped when I feel less than competent or excluded from things, I feel are important.