Jack Parsons

CEO, Superhand

Jack's remarkable journey began in the challenging environs of East London, instilling in him a life mission to ensure that no individual is left behind by society growing up in a social mobility situation with an abusive alcoholic parent. He started his career as an apprentice.

His unwavering focus has consistently centred on the often-overlooked demographic of 18-30-year-olds who have not had the same opportunities as their peers from diverse socio-economic backgrounds. Through Jack and Superhand, this narrative is changing, one young person at a time. Jack's primary mission is to empower the youth of the UK, granting them access to jobs, skills, and mentors, thereby nurturing successful futures. With a connected community of 1.7 million young individuals, Jack's Superhand and their partners are making a tangible difference. Jack's company, which he has built from the ground up with no external investors, now employs 155+ people and is valued at an impressive £45 million. It boasts collaborations with over a thousand corporate partners, demonstrating its significant impact and reach.

In addition to his role as Founder of Superhand, Jack is also involved in the following external positions:

Non-Executive Director of the Association of Apprentices, led by the Former Lord Mayor of London, Peter Estlin, with a focus on community, partnerships, and growth advice.

Advisory board member for Co-op, a retailer with over £10 billion in turnover, emphasising retention, recruitment, and community advice.

Advisory board member for Brand Partnership Group, with an annual turnover of £40 million and 700+ staff, dedicated to marketing and diversity advice.

Ambassador for Big Issue focused on homelessness and marketing advice.

Over the past four years, Jack has made substantial contributions to youth development and business in the UK, resulting in several prestigious awards, including:

2021: Top 15 Young People to Watch

2020: Named UK's Chief Youth Officer

2020: Named in the UK 100 Business Power List

2020: Top 10 Young Entrepreneurs to Watch

2019: Named one of the top 50 kindest leaders

2019: Named Most Connected Young Entrepreneur

2018: Young Digital Leader of the Year

2018: Top 10 Young Entrepreneurs to Watch

2017: Top 100 CEOs to follow on Twitter

2017: Named A Face of a Vibrant Economy