Leadership Pipeline Institute

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We are the official research institute and leading global provider of solutions based on the pipeline books. Leadership Pipeline Institute has a team of highly qualified, multicultural, multilingual consultants around the world that support global clients. 

• We are represented in +33 countries. 

• We have consultants located in +40 cities. 

• We have delivery capabilities in +20 languages. 

• +20,000 alumni’s 

• People from +75 countries have been exposed to our programs. 

Our value proposition with Stephen Drotter as Chairman and Kent Jonasen as CEO, LPI is the global provider of solutions based on the Leadership and Specialist Pipeline concept. The Leadership Pipeline book has sold more than 300,000 copies and is published in 11 languages. The Leadership Pipeline Institute has, over the past 15 years, supported a wide range of organisations in: 

1. Strengthening their execution power by building a leadership powered company based on agility, accountability, and empowerment where leadership itself becomes a multiplier for the business. 

2. Turning the company into a talent factory that produces a sustained, high-quality flow of Leaders and Specialists to underpin the execution of its business strategy. 

3. Designing and implementing reliable succession planning processes for every organisational level 

How clients use our products and services. We specialise in supporting organisations in co-designing and implementing their Leadership and / or Specialist Pipeline frameworks. Our contribution most often focuses on: 

• Mapping core Leadership and / or Specialist roles within organisations 

• Defining performance expectations for each of your core Leadership and / or Specialist roles 

• Designing and delivering Leadership and / or Specialist transition programs 

• Designing and implementing a succession planning process.

 Our approach to Leadership and Specialist development is data driven. So, in addition to the immediate benefits from our solutions, you will amass a unique and invaluable dataset on your leadership performance and culture.

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