Digital Internal Investigations

Stand: G83

Internal investigations - are you seeing the whole picture? Any internal investigation can be stressful and time consuming not only for those accused of wrongdoing, but also for those placed in charge of conducting a fair and impartial investigation. In such situations everyone wants a swift result supported by compelling evidence, so that the business can make an informed decision and move on, however it is not always that simple! More and more we live in a digital world, where would we be without our mobile phones, laptops and cloud storage. All these devices are also getting more sophisticated and interconnected. So how do you know you are seeing the whole picture? DII specialises in finding the hidden truths by examining such digital devices and reconstructing events through analysis of digital artefacts recorded by the operating system. We provide a gold level service where we will work with you to identify relevant evidence and then equipped by your brief, carry out our examination and present our findings in an electronic report. On more sensitive matters, our silver service might be more suitable. We are experienced at handling and preparing privileged material for review. We then put you in the driving seat and host the material online for you to examine in our easy to use review platform. We will support you through this process ensuring your review is thorough and efficient. Our bronze service is tailored to meet specific data requests, such as a subject access request (SAR) from an ex-employee. With your help we will identify relevant material and present it in an easy to review electronic report. We have over 30 years of experience in digital forensics so we are confident we will be able to help you in your investigation.