Stand: B82

AdagioVR is a World First behavioural engineering tool for wellbeing and high performance delivered through virtual reality, used by the NHS and UN. Providing tangible intervention for rapid cognitive transformation. Targeting the foundational triggers, perceptual frameworks, beliefs and behaviours at the root of issues such as burnout, stress, trauma, grief and addiction; while providing the behavioral marginal gains for high-performance and leadership. Designed by a Fellow of the Royal College of Psychiatrists and underlined with robust governance, the program offers a personalised, adaptive journey using our suite of integrated therapeutic and clinical techniques - powered by the global gold-standard treatment for trauma treatment that’s over 2x more effective than standard therapies. Delivering a 45-60% reduction in distress in the first 20-35 minute session, and an 85% increase in overall wellbeing/behavioural metrics following a 4-8 weeks program. AdagioVR has a 97% success rate (+1500 users) offering a 12x ROI for our business community.