Andy Headworth

Talent Acquisition Director, HMRC

Andy, Chartered FCIPD, is currently transforming recruitment within HMRC by implementing a talent acquisition strategy to deliver the skills required for the organisation for both now and the future, and exploring how generative AI such as ChatGPT and other AI tools can be used in the most effective way to help deliver that change.

A Senior Civil Servant with over 30 years of experience in recruitment and HR, Andy is a visionary strategic thinker who is able to create, build, and direct innovative organisational change. He is also an inspirational leader described by colleagues as "refreshingly non-Civil Servant" who brings the best of the private sector into the sometimes-limiting working confines of the Civil Service.  He is passionate about nurturing aspiring talent to achieve their potential, and relishes the challenge of helping people reach their full potential. Andy is also the author of the best-selling book, Social Media Recruitment.