Andrew Lax

Group Head of Learning & Development, Yeo Valley

Combining his extensive experience in learning and development with a strategic approach to business performance consulting, Andrew Lax's expertise lies in transforming learning functions to drive organisational success across the FMCG, financial services, and automotive sectors. As a visionary in implementing well-tested techniques and innovative strategies, he fosters environments where continuous learning and professional development flourish. As the recently appointed Group Head of Learning at Yeo Valley, Andrew is playing a pivotal role in orchestrating a strategic focus on how the company can meet its business goals, emphasising leadership and managerial development, skill enhancement, career advancement, and inclusive development.


Andrew's transformative work extends beyond Yeo Valley, showcasing his ability to leverage learning and development as critical tools for enhancing business performance in other sectors. He has facilitated the integration of cutting-edge learning technologies and methodologies, significantly contributing to organisational agility and competitiveness in the global market. His approach consistently emphasises the importance of an inclusive development framework, ensuring that learning opportunities are accessible and beneficial for all employees.