Aissa Chenchana

CIPD Student Member and alumnus of the CIPD Trust Bursary Fund, CIPD

Aissa is an experienced HR professional with over a decade of expertise in the field. He holds a CIPD Level 5 Diploma in Human Resources Management and a Bachelor's Degree in Human Resource Management from Jijel Algeria University, recognized by ENIC UK with a Level 6 comparability, additionally a law enforcement degree with Algerian army.


A diverse career across multiple sectors, Aissa has been an HR Manager and his experience also includes a pivotal role at Arbat Restaurant in Russia, where he developed HR strategies and administered employee benefits. In addition to his, his unique background includes law enforcement and journalism, having served as a Police Officer (Gendarme) in the Ministry of Defense in Algeria, conducting crime scene analysis and investigating economic crimes. In Russia, Aissa worked as a Correspondent for General News, covering local events and translating news from Arabic and French, and as a Security Analyst and Interpreter for the FSB.


Polyglot Fluent in English, Russian, Arabic, and French,  Aissa excels in multicultural environments and high-pressure situations. His ability to navigate complex challenges and deliver results is further demonstrated by roles as an HR Assistant at Zaria LTD and an Office Manager and HR Administrator at Samsung Engineering Co Ltd.