The CIPD Festival of Work goes digital. Update: 14 April 2020

The CIPD Festival of work is a chance to immerse yourself in a world of inspiration and discovery – developing you, your people and your business. Even in light of recent events due to Coronavirus, we want to bring that directly to you, so we are now planning to run the festival as a 3-day online event on 10-12 June 2020.

If you have already registered to attend for free or purchased a conference delegate ticket, you have been automatically registered for online attendance and will receive an email with more details on your booking and the virtual festival.

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Free essential learning in the exhibition hall

Discover practical tools and latest trends to help you stay up to speed and prepare for the future during these challenging times from a range of key product and service solution providers. Whether you are taking a break from the conference or are attending the festival with a free exhibition-only pass, you can choose to watch these online sessions live or on-demand at a time that suits you.

The full timetable is yet to be announced. Watch this space for updates.

Stage one

Supporting the health and well-being of remote workers
People professionals are at the heart of supporting line managers to engage and motivate their people through the pandemic. Managers on the front line are expected to look after the health and well-being of their virtual teams, which is becoming more complex than ever. While mental and physical well-being is being exacerbated amongst remote workers, what role do organisations have in supporting their wellness? Take away practical tips to help enable a healthy workforce right away.

Successful businesses start with successful human experience
Edenhouse Solutions
The best-run businesses function on human experience. Understand how to support, motivate and engage your employees through HR technology, and turn working environments into places of promise and possibility.

The changing world of HR: preparing for the skills-based economy
Platinum sponsor: Workday
Technology is changing work, the workforce and the workplace. Skills are emerging as the new core currency for recruiting, retaining, developing and rewarding talent. Hear how Workday helps customers adapt to this changing world.

Creating value and purpose-driven culture while giving back
Companies with value and purpose-driven cultures outperform those without by 800%. But how is it done? Using case studies, we’ll show you how Unipos uniquely tackles this problem.

Mind the onboarding gap – How to improve the new hire experience and streamline the process
What happens after offer letter and what type of experience will your chosen candidate have? In this session find out how you can provide a supportive, streamlined and engaging onboarding process.

Returning to the workplace: let’s make flexible working the new ‘normal’
In the greatest homeworking experiment we’ve ever seen, CIPD research shows that employers are considering increasing flexible working opportunities beyond the pandemic. What obstacles must be overcome to make this work long-term? What are the lessons learned so far and how can you make flexible working the new ‘normal’? Get practical steps to help you open up inclusive, flexible working for all.

Returning to Good Work
Many organisations and HR teams have been thinking about what a return to the workplace might involve, considering daily updates and government advice. In this complex, fast-evolving climate, what guiding principles will help people professionals make key decisions relevant to each workforce and workplace? Find out how to manage a safe return for employees, handle holidays, sickness and other absences as well as dealing with potential redundancies. Hear the latest commentary from CIPD CEO Peter Cheese on making each return to the workplace a good return for all.

Our sustainable future – 5 HR strategies to build sustainable organisations
ICS Learn
It’s never been more important to build environmentally, socially and financially sustainable organisations – and HR has a vital role to play. We give you the evidence, strategies and tools you need to drive sustainable business success.

At the coal face of instructional design
Emerald Works
With fifteen years in online learning, James offers an ‘in the trenches’ guide to instructional design. Based on practical experience, he will share the techniques and tips he and his team use to deliver exceptional learning experiences for their clients.

How does AI help us? A guide to uncovering what we didn’t know we could know
Core HR
How do you know what questions to ask of your data? We all want to make the most informed decisions, but what if there is hidden information within our HR systems that could drastically change our businesses? Sometimes we don’t know what we don’t know.

Stage two

The changing face of HR
Is your organisation shifting to people? We researched 500+ HR leaders who gave insight to the HR to people transformation happening over the years, revealing seismic shifts in the way organisations operate. Uncover insights to stay ahead and transform your HR function.

Addressing the challenges of a 2020 people professional
Advance Change
Host of the popular HR Uprising Podcast, Lucinda Carney shares insights from listeners’ key 2020 challenges with strategic recommendations and tips on how to address these, delivered in an entertaining and interactive style.

Learning and skills at work: Don’t press pause on development
In times of crisis, learning and development is often the first and hardest hit organisational resource. Without investing in workforce skills, adaptability, resilience, learning and continuous improvement amongst employees will decrease. Learn about the latest trends in learning and development strategy and evolving practice through our new research in partnership with Accenture. Find out how organisations are ramping up online learning capabilities to address current skills gaps and take away ideas to implement and make people’s learning a priority.

Top tips to triumph – transformative time and labour management
Avoid the common pitfalls associated with implementing an automated time and labour management solution. Make sure you know what to expect, so you can deliver a solution that’s truly transformative and delivers value.

The future of workers – a case study on implementing learning and development solutions in the ‘gig economy’
The Open University 
We will share our findings from a three-year research into the future of work and explore how the “gig economy” affects workers and organisations alike. We’ll provide a case study of how The Open University has worked with Uber to face these challenges.

Good work in the time of Coronavirus
Good work and job quality is an essential part of a healthy society and economy. It includes fair pay and contracts, fulfilling work, a supportive environment, opportunities to develop and a reasonable work-life balance. What is the state of job quality in the UK and how is it changing as a result of coronavirus? We’ll lift the lid on the quality of people’s working lives, drawing on surveys of UK workers before and throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. Find out what people professionals can do now to protect good work.

How Perkbox created an authentic reward and recognition strategy to scale
Reward and recognition has no rulebook. At Perkbox, we knew our employees wanted to feel like they are creating an impact. Find out how we created a global R&R strategy that is not just a tickbox.

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