Veronica Hope Hailey

Veronica Hope-Hailey

SpecialityUniversity Vice President (Corporate Relations) and Dean of the School of Management, University of Bath

Veronica was named among the “UK’s Top 10 Most Influential HR Thinkers” in 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016 and 2017. Her previous appointments include 6 years as Dean of the School of Management at the University of Bath, Associate Dean and Professor of HRM at Cass Business School, Professor of HRM at Cranfield School of Management, Professor of Strategy at Bath between 2004 & 2006, and also a Fellowship at the University of Cambridge. She has recently been elected into the Academy for Social Sciences in recognition of her contribution to Social Sciences.

Veronica specialises in working with large, mature organisations in collaborative research partnerships. She has worked for over 30 years on issues to do with strategic change in organisations and has co-authored one of the bestselling text books on the topic, Exploring Strategic Change, for which the fourth edition is forthcoming.

A consistent theme of the collaborations is exploration of the challenges of corporate renewal and people transformation. Her most recent work has focused on horizontal trust across complex systems, specifically working with the NHS. Before that, she studied the Repair of Trust following the financial crisis, culminating in a series of reports for the CIPD, “Where has all the trust gone?”, “Cultivating Trustworthy Leaders” and “Experiencing Trustworthy Leadership”. In 2015 she published two CIPD reports on “Landing Transformational Change”. 

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