Samantha West

SpecialityCommercial Director, VINCI Facilities

My name is Samantha West and I am a transgendered Sector Commercial Director for VINCI Facilties. My role is responsible for £125m of business in the public sector including maintenance to Schools, hospitals, stadia, rail, corporate estates and government offices.

I have worked in the construction and Facilities management industries for 30 years, during most of which I lived a dual life, outwardly as Ian, Director, Husband, Father and inwardly as Samantha.

Following many years of denial in 2016, I made the decision to become Samantha and transition to become female. A traumatic move out of the family home, to somewhere new where I could live in my new identity.

At this time Vinci was working on a fairness, inclusion, and respect project, to which Ian became a member. This was instrumental in my decision to communicate to my work colleagues about my change reaching over 400 people and receiving very supportive responses. Brave was a common word.

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