The CIPD Festival of Work goes digital. Update: 14 April 2020

The CIPD Festival of work is a chance to immerse yourself in a world of inspiration and discovery – developing you, your people and your business. Even in light of recent events due to Coronavirus, we want to bring that directly to you, so we are now planning to run the festival as a 3-day online event on 10-12 June 2020.

If you have already registered to attend for free or purchased a conference delegate ticket, you have been automatically registered for online attendance and will receive an email with more details on your booking and the virtual festival.

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Professor Simon Anholt

Professor Simon Anholt

SpecialityFounder, The Good Country Index and Independent Policy Advisor

“The only remaining superpower is international public opinion.”

Simon Anholt has worked with presidents, prime ministers, and governments of more than fifty nations, devising strategies and policies to help them engage more imaginatively and productively with the international community. In 2014, impatient to do better, Anholt founded the Good Country, a project aimed at helping countries work together to tackle global challenges like climate change, poverty, migration, and terrorism.

What are the recent global macroeconomic and macro-political trends and their implications for businesses? Join Simon as he opens the Festival of Work with his keynote on “Building Good Businesses – Developing Resilient Workforces to Thrive in Uncertainty.”

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by Professor Simon Anholt