John Amaechi OBE

SpecialityOrganisational Psychologist, Director of the UK’s largest NHS Trust, and former NBA Player

John is a respected organisational psychologist, best-selling New York Times author and CEO of APS.

He works with individuals and organisations to improve communication, leadership and culture as a way to grow, improve and achieve goals. His psychological insight helps people understand the barriers to high
performance. He understands motivation and personal development and the roots of success that enables these traits to flourish. He also considers the nature
of competition, the importance of cognitive diversity in organisational achievement, and aligning personal and business values and ethics. John’s experience is unique and his skills appeal to people from all walks of life.

In addition to running his own international strategic performance consultancy, John is also a Chartered Scientist, an elected Fellow of the Royal Society for
Public Health and a Research Fellow at the University of East London and currently holds various board and trustee positions.

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