John Amaechi OBE

SpecialityOrganisational Psychologist, Director of the UK’s largest NHS Trust, and former NBA Player

“You can’t be a part-time man of principle.”

John is a psychologist and New York Times best-selling author. In the US and Europe, he works with aspiring and already high-achieving individuals as well as medium to large-sized organisations looking for an edge. He is often retained to help identify and implement ways to increase productivity by improving communication & leadership skills, organisational culture and climate – often where mainstream options have failed.

Is an agile learning culture is essential for business survival? How we can facilitate a culture of learning that will create an effective knowledge-transfer ecosystem, inspire people to take ownership of their own learning and become more agile and creative? Join John for his keynote on “The learning organisation – creating a culture of self-directed learning to drive adaptability and innovation.”

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by John Amaechi OBE