Jane Graham

Jane Graham

SpecialitySystem Workforce Programme Manager, Somerset STP, NHS Foundation Trust

A strategist at heart, Jane’s role is to manage and support Somerset’s collaborative workforce programme to enable improved outcomes around health and social care, working with NHS Trusts, primary care networks, councils, commissioning bodies and the voluntary sector across the county. Prior to this role, she spent 18 months as Head of Resourcing, ​working for Somerset NHS Foundation Trust – the largest employer in Somerset since its formal merger of two separate NHS Trusts delivering acute, mental health and community services in April 2020 with a combined headcount of 9000 staff.

With a strong background in local government, Jane has worked for local councils since 2002 across the southwest (Somerset, Cornwall and Wiltshire) and ‘stumbled’ into HR & OD applying for a secondment in 2014, from working as a corporate specialist on ED & I. 

Jane has spoken at previous CIPD conferences on her work around recruitment marketing, viewing the candidate and employee journey in a holistic way and the notable impacts this different approach has made on addressing high vacancy gaps, agency spend and retention.

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