Elaine Mahon

SpecialityDivisional Director Workforce Experience and People Insight, Ministry of Justice

With a background in Occupational Psychology, Elaine is passionate about using evidence to improve decision-making and pave a firm path towards high performance in ONS. Having spent the last 6 years working in HR, predominately Civil Service Departments in and out of Whitehall, she has experienced the challenges business leaders face in leading through change, and policy-makers face in ensuring enabling guidance is in place to elicit the right behaviours and performance.

Fanatical about working at the heart of data analysis in ONS, Elaine now leads the People Analytics function – a new and exciting venture which will see people data being used in aspirational ways. Understanding the psychology of people and applying this to analytical findings will achieve her aim of telling the people story. She believes that through this insight, leaders can make great decisions which will inevitably also make ONS an exciting and rewarding place to work.

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