Richard Claydon

Dr. Richard Claydon

SpecialityChief Cognitive Officer, EQ Lab

Dr. Richard Claydon is a management and behavioural scientist, specialising in leadership and high-performance during complex organisational transformations. A Harvard Top-200 Management expert and business columnists for the Guardian newspaper described his research as “a touchstone for the future work in management and organisation”, “outstanding in daring imagination” and “at the forefront of modern discussion and debate.”

Co-founder of EQ Lab, his research underpins EQ Lab’s vision of accelerated, wide-scale, multi-faceted human development towards the goal of extended intelligence, in which people working in deep synchrony solve complex problems in highly innovative, lightning-fast ways.

He designed and teaches the Adapt your Leadership Style module for Macquarie Business School’s future-and-behaviour-focused Global MBA program, currently ranked #6 worldwide by CEO Magazine.

He is an Advanced Analytic-Network Leadership Coach – one of the most rigorous coaching methodologies in the world, combining insights from psychoanalysis, behavioural and psychological sciences, performance coaching, leadership studies, network analysis and complexity science in a comprehensive interdisciplinary manner.

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