Berna Öztinaz

SpecialityChief Human Resources Officer, Genel Energy PLC

Having graduated from Istanbul University’s Faculty of Business (in 1995), Berna Öztınaz completed Sabancı University’s Executive MBA programme in 2007. Following her bachelor degree and after a brief spell working for the tourism sector, she joined  KORDSA A.Ş.’s Human Resources team in 1998. Her responsibilities extended beyond the company’s operations in Turkey as she was assigned to various projects taking place in Egypt, Germany, Argentina and Iran. She took an active role in Kordsa’s acquisition of Dusa, a partnership of Sabancı and Dupont and in the ensuing partnership of Kordsa and Dupont. In 2005, she began to work for Enerjisa as the HR and Business Support Manager. In 2007, she was appointed to the position of HR and Business Support Director at Enerjisa in charge of human resources, business excellence, corporate communications, purchasing and legal functions. 

In 2012, she was appointed as the Department Head of Strategic Business Support and become responsible for the management of strategic human resources and business support functions of production, commerce, distribution and sales companies structured under Enerjisa Enerji A.Ş. She gain vast experience and take a leading role in the areas of human resources management during mergers, acquisitions and privatizations, corporate culture management, industrial relations management, main brand management, corporate communications and business excellence. Later, she took on the roles of Strategy and HR Chief Officer at STFA Holding A.S. and Chief Human Resources Officer at DeFacto. 

Berna Öztınaz is currently the Chief Human Resources Officer at London based company of Genel Energy. She is serving her second term of Executive Board Chairperson for PERYÖN (Turkish Association For People Management) and a Board Member for EAPM (European Association of People Management). 


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