Join us for a unique learning experience at the Festival of Work

3 conferences, 6 streams, 9+ stages and 130+ speakers over 2 action-packed days

The full conference programme will be announced in January 2019. 

For business leaders and people professionals – the Future of Work conference

How do we lead organisations, manage, engage and motivate people in a technology disrupted world of work?

Content Stream 1 – Future of Leadership & Business Management

From delving into the workplace of the future to discussing new business models and customer expectations in the digital markets, this stream has been designed around the needs of the most senior and strategic organisation leaders who are leading their businesses through innovation and technological disruption.

Content Stream 2 – Future of People Management & Organisation Development

From the importance of wellbeing and inclusion to the practicalities of organisational change and new organisation structures, this stream has been designed for leaders, managers and people professionals who want to engage, motivate, reward and cherish the most important future asset within our businesses – the people within them.

And don’t forget to visit the Future of Work festival zone and network in a buzzing atmosphere that brings the future of work to life!

For technologists – the HR Technology conference

(formerly the CIPD HR Software & Recruitment Show)

How do we use technology and digital innovation as a catalyst to benefit people and organisations?

Content Stream 3 – Future of HR Technology & Digital Working (sponsored by Workday)


From selecting and implementing new people management software and leveraging data analytics to discovering the implications of wearables and the internet of things at work, this stream has been designed to support HR, technology and business system teams who want to make the most of new tech and take their organisations into the future.

And don’t forget to visit the HR Technology festival zone and network in a buzzing atmosphere that brings the future of work to life!

For L&D experts – the Learning & Development Conference

(formerly The CIPD Learning and Development Show)

How do we equip our workforce with the skills and capabilities to succeed in the future of work?

Content Stream 4 – Future of Learning Technology & Digital Learning

From leveraging artificial intelligence, data and mobile apps in learning to deep-diving into the applications of immersive learning, smart devices and tech-enabled learning cultures, this stream has been designed for L&D professionals and learning enthusiasts who want to discover how to maximise learning design, delivery and outcomes through the latest tech.

Content Stream 5 – Future Talent, Skills & Capabilities

From reskilling employees, supporting managers and maximising leadership development to enhancing the effectiveness of our employer brand, recruitment and onboarding strategies, this stream has been designed around the needs of L&D professionals, recruiters and hiring managers who want to develop and attract the talent our organisations need to succeed.

Content Stream 6 – Future Learning Strategy for Business Success

From enhancing your learning strategy, L&D brand and future-proofing your learning teams to adopting gamification, learner-centred design and insights from neuroscience, this stream has been designed for L&D leaders who want to drive future business success, and L&D practitioners who want to take their learning design and delivery into the future.

And last, but no means least, there’s the Learning and Development festival zone where you can network in a buzzing atmosphere that brings the future of work to life!

Opening keynote and 18 speakers announced

We are delighted to announce that the opening keynote on the 12 June 2019 will be presented by Garry Kasparov (Chess Grandmaster, former World Chess Champion, Chair of the Human Rights Foundation and Best-Selling Author). Join Garry for his keynote: “The Future of Work is Human – Where Machine Intelligence Ends and Human Creativity Begins”. 

Garry will be joined by a stellar roster of 130+ speakers over 2 days – view all speakers.

10 example session titles – full programme to be announced in January 2019

  • The Implications of the Gig Economy – managing the new relation between employer and employee
  • Unlocking Creativity and Adaptability – how diversity and inclusion will drive your business through technological disruption
  • Wellbeing and Mental Health in a Digital Workplace – reducing digital stress for a more productive workforce
  • Exploring the Future Workplace – the applications of AI in office environments and how it changes the way we work
  • Finding the Right Technology Fit – how to effectively navigate the HR technology landscape
  • Wearables in the Workplace – the implications of collecting and using employee health data
  • The New AI Coach – experience how chatbots will help humans deliver better coaching
  • Artificial Intelligence in Learning – how AI will change everything
  • Immersive Learning – exploring the possibilities of simulations in learning
  • The Power of a Strong L&D Brand – enhance the profile of your work to increase learner engagement

The future of work is human

The world of work is being revolutionised by technology and innovation. Artificial intelligence is now capable of learning autonomously and performing tasks that were once the sole dominion of humans. In the future, people won’t be needed to perform the same tasks as today – the role of humans at work will inevitably and drastically change.

We believe that it is time to stop agonising about AI and robots taking over people’s jobs. For every job that will be made redundant by machines, a new one will be created for humans to work more closely with technology. Human-machine integration now offers the opportunity to augment human potential and turn our grandest dreams into reality. Humans will still be central in the future of work!

This future, however, comes with a fresh set of challenges for people and organisations. We need to be able to reskill ourselves and our employees to be able to step up and work alongside technology. We need to rethink how we lead organisations, manage people and how we embrace technology and innovation to increase business success while also creating a better society for all.

Personalise your agenda with a conference pass

The CIPD Festival Work brings together three shows and six content streams under the same roof to tackle the biggest issues in the world of work. A conference pass will give you access to all shows and content streams, over 50 sessions and 130+ top speakers from all industries and sectors, to guide you through the challenges and opportunities of the new and disrupted world of work.

Choose the specific streams that are tailored around your needs, or move between them to make your own bespoke path across the sessions. Explore, engage, enjoy and learn what the future of work is really about – the people. 


3 dedicated conferences, 1 unmissable event

Buzzing with energy and ideas, the Festival of Work includes three dedicated conferences which will tackle the big people issues of our time: Future of Work, HR Technology, and Learning and Development. The Festival of Work will fire your enthusiasm for the future and send you home with the skills to succeed in the future of work. 

Buy a conference pass for unlimited access – 3 conferences, 1 festival, unmissable value. Your pass allows you to build your own unique learning event based on your individual interests and business needs.

What else is going on at the Festival of Work?

With 130+ inspirational speakers and three dedicated conferences, the Festival of Work promises to tackle the big issues that will shape the future of all our working lives.

As well as superb conference content there are 00’s of free learning sessions in the Festival hall, there’s also a host of social events, entertainments and interactive elements to get involved with across the two days.

The full event agenda will be released in January 2019. Until then register your interest, follow us on social media and let your friends and colleagues know that you’ll see them there.