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3 conferences, 6 streams, 9+ stages and 160+ speakers over 2 action-packed days

The world of work is being revolutionised by technology and innovation. Artificial intelligence is now capable of learning autonomously and performing tasks that were once the sole dominion of humans. In the future, people won’t be needed to perform the same tasks as today – the role of humans at work will inevitably and drastically change.

We believe that it is time to stop agonising about AI and robots taking over people’s jobs. For every job that will be made redundant by machines, a new one will be created for humans to work more closely with technology. Humans will still be central in the future of work!

This future, however, comes with a fresh set of challenges for people and organisations. Now is the time to reskill ourselves and our employees to be able to step up and work alongside technology, and rethink how we lead organisations, manage people and how we embrace technology and innovation to increase business success while also creating a better society for all.

These are the pillars of the CIPD Festival Work – bringing together three shows and six content streams all under one roof to tackle the biggest issues in the world of work. Choose the specific streams that are tailored around your needs, or move between them to make your own bespoke path across the sessions.

Explore, engage, enjoy and learn what the future of work is really about – the people. Book your conference pass today.

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Futre of work

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Learning & Development

5 session formats to choose from

Insight: expert masterclass

Get ready to be provoked, inspired and wowed by authors, experts and thought-leaders leading the way into the future. Fascinating talks in lecture style that will keep you on the edge of your chair.

Explore: case 

Explore how organisations are already adapting to the future and the strategies that work in specific contexts. Learn from their successes and pitfalls and take away tips that you can apply in your own organisations

Discuss: interactive panel

Get a driving seat in the discussion through our interactive event app. Ask the panel your own questions directly from your smartphone and vote those that are most relevant to you.

Practice: fast-track skills

Join these taster sessions to deep-dive into the must-have skills that will enable you to succeed in the future of work. Practical tips and professional advice wrapped up in fun and engaging mini-workshops.

Ignite: lightning talks

Don’t miss these fast, short and fun presentations from practitioners and experts. Different perspectives followed by open debates to provoke your thinking, challenge your perceptions and spark new ideas.

130+ stellar speakers from across the globe