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Stand no: IV10

Contact telephone: 07854 746 671

Provides international services: Yes

About us: Trickle are attending Festival of Work to speak with any organisation interested in improving their Employee Engagement – Trickle’s platform can be used by your people to voice their opinions, suggestions and concerns as and when they crop up. We do not use point-in-time surveys, as we feel the most valuable information comes direct from your team throughout the year.

Using Trickle’s platform, you can also respond to any of your people’s ‘Trickles’ helping you to engage directly on what matters most to them and create a more meaningful relationship. We also have our Moodsense™, which helps you to gauge the general mood within your workplace on a daily basis.

We at Trickle believe Your People Are Your Business and, that People Engagement is an essential part to any successful business strategy.

Our CEO, Paul Reid, will be on our stand (IV10) in the Innovation Village on the 12th June 12:30 -1:15pm. Come say ‘Hello’ or book an appointment with us if you prefer.

Products and services offered:

  • HR Management & Information Systems
  • Employee Engagement
  • Employee Relations
  • Human Capital Management
  • HR
  • Leadership Development
  • Management Development

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