Krithika Barcham

Managing Consultant and Business Psychologist, Talogy

Krithika is a Managing Consultant and Business Psychologist at Talogy, with experience of work in Psychometrics, Customised Assessment Design and Delivery, Consultancy, and Training. Her work includes assessment/development centres, customised Situational Judgement Tests, multinational/multilingual cultural intelligence questionnaires, career motivations, workstyle, ability and personality assessments, and ‘plug and play’ case studies and hybrid solutions.

As her background is grounded in both psychology and consulting, the tools and experience she has at her disposal are aimed towards supporting and collaborating with companies, teams, and people across a wide variety of industries. Her end goal is how to best maximise both human potential and wellbeing, and she enjoys that aspect of her role very much. She values the importance of understanding people’s needs, delivering in line with and above expectations, and operating with cultural sensitivity, having extensively worked with both local and international teams and clients.