Let’s talk: inclusion

Introducing a new series of workshops on race, menopause and LGBT identity in the workplace.

These free to attend CIPD workshops provide an opportunity to have important but difficult conversations in safe spaces. Guided by expert speakers, you will gain practical tools to help you better identify, understand and implement diversity and inclusion solutions, policies and culture within your workplace to benefit everyone.

The workshops will take place on day one on Wednesday 12 June. Each workshop will last an hour giving you plenty of time to explore the rest of the festival.

Please note: all workshops are now fully booked. If you are interested in attending, be sure to check on the day as spaces may become available. 

12:00–13:00 | FULLY BOOKED

Let’s talk about Menopause at work

The Olympia Room

Chances are you employ, manage, or work with at least one woman. How confident do you think you would be about speaking to them about the menopause? How confident would they be about coming to you? The menopause can have a real impact on a women’s work and personal life, so why is this topic such a taboo? The menopause needn’t be an awkward or embarrassing subject, and it shouldn’t mean a woman needs to press pause on her working life. With guest speakers, practical tips and tools and open, engaging and non-threatening debates, come along to this workshop and get comfortable talking about the menopause!


  • Deborah Garlick, Director, Henpicked: Menopause in the Workplace
  • Claire McCartney, Co-Director of Inclusive Talent and Associate, CIPD

14:00-15:00 | FULLY BOOKED

Let’s talk about LGBT identities at work

The Olympia Room

Understanding more about LGBT people’s identities and experiences is crucial in being an active ally in the workplace and beyond. During this introductory session, CIPD and Stonewall will explore what it means to be LGBT in the workplace to help delegates understand how they can be better allies to all members of the LGBT community as well as begin to consider what they might do to create workplaces where LGBT people can succeed. This workshop will create an inclusive space to have conversations which result in practical actions that will enable LGBT people to reach their potential in your workplace.


  • Rhys Purtill, Client Account Manager, Stonewall
  • Sarah Campbell, Head of Conferences and Events, Stonewall
  • Ed Houghton, Head of Research & Co-Chair of the CIPD LGBT committee
  • Ciprian Arhire, Assoc CIPD, Projects and Programme Officer and Co-Chair of CIPD’s LGBT+ Network

16:00-17:00 | FULLY BOOKED

Let’s talk Race: the elephant in the room

The Olympia Room

Why is talking about race one of the most difficult conversations to initiate in the workplace? How do stereotyping and our assumptions contribute to issues like progression and pay gaps, biased recruitment processes, or the lack of ethnic representation in organisations across all levels? Join the CIPD EmbRace team and guest speakers in an open and interactive discussion, challenge your own views and ask the questions you’ve been too scared to ask.

  • Rob Neil OBE, Culture Change and Leadership, Department for Education
  • Nichole Higgins, Co-Chair for EmbRACE, CIPD 
  • Derek Tong, Co-Chair for EmbRACE, CIPD