Good Work TV at the CIPD Festival of Work

Join us on 12-13 June 2019 at Olympia London

Work can and should be a force for good, for everyone. Good work is purposeful. It is safe and inclusive. Good work exists for the long-term benefit of individuals, organisations and society. These are the fundamental principles of what good work is.

Today’s reality, though, is that work is not good for everyone.

Work should do more than meet our basic financial needs and contribute to economic growth; it should also improve the quality of our lives by giving us meaning and purpose and contributing to our overall well-being.

Yet, work has left too many employees feeling disengaged and without a voice; people worry about job security; productivity has stagnated and progress on diversity and inclusion has been slow.

We need an alternative future where work is a force for good, where we can all flourish as individuals. Where people are viewed not as assets to be sweated but as partners in value creation. We need to redefine work. To stop thinking about work in purely financial terms.

That’s why the CIPD is launching Good Work TV at the CIPD Festival of Work. To provide a platform for you to voice your views and ideas on the state of the workplace and how to improve it. It’s a great opportunity to have your say on something that impacts everyone. The CIPD invites you to join the debate.