Festival of Work 2019, a unique learning experience

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Futre of work

Stream 1
Future of Leadership and Business Management

From delving into the workplace of the future to discussing new business models and customer expectations in the digital markets, this stream has been designed around the needs of the most senior and strategic organisation leaders who are leading their businesses through innovation and technological disruption.


Stream 2
Future of People Management and Organisation Development

From the importance of well-being and inclusion to the practicalities of organisational change and new organisation structures, this stream has been designed for leaders, managers and people professionals, who want to engage, motivate, reward and cherish the most important future asset within our businesses – the people within them.

HR Technology

Stream 3
Future of HR Technology and Digital Working

From selecting and implementing new people management software and leveraging data analytics to discovering the implications of wearable’s and the internet of things at work, this stream has been designed to support HR, technology and business system teams who want to make the most of new tech and take their organisations into the future.

Learning & Development

Stream 4
Future of Learning Technology and Digital Learning

From leveraging artificial intelligence, data and mobile apps in learning to deep-diving into the applications of immersive learning, smart devices and tech-enabled learning cultures, this stream has been designed for L&D professionals and learning enthusiasts who want to discover how to maximise learning design, delivery and outcomes through the latest tech.


Stream 5
Future Talent, Skills and Capabilities

From reskilling employees, supporting managers and maximising leadership development to enhancing the effectiveness of our employer brand, recruitment and onboarding strategies, this stream has been designed around the needs of L&D professionals, recruiters and hiring managers who want to develop and attract the talent our organisations need to succeed.


Stream 6
Future Learning Strategy for Business Success

From enhancing your learning strategy, L&D brand and future-proofing your learning teams to adopting gamification, learner-centred design and insights from neuroscience, this stream has been designed for L&D leaders who want to drive future business success, and L&D practitioners who want to take their learning design and delivery into the future.  

All sessions follow 1 of 5 engaging formats

Insight: expert masterclass

Get ready to be provoked, inspired and wowed by authors, experts and thought-leaders leading the way into the future. Fascinating talks in lecture style that will keep you on the edge of your chair.

Explore: case study

Explore how organisations are already adapting to the future and the strategies that work in specific contexts. Learn from their successes and pitfalls and take away tips that you can apply in your own organisations

Discuss: interactive panel

Get a driving seat in the discussion through our interactive event app. Ask the panel your own questions directly from your smartphone and vote those that are most relevant to you.

Practice: fast-track skills

Join these taster sessions to deep-dive into the must-have skills that will enable you to succeed in the future of work. Practical tips and professional advice wrapped up in fun and engaging mini-workshops.

Ignite: lightning talks

Don’t miss these fast, short and fun presentations from practitioners and experts. Different perspectives followed by open debates to provoke your thinking, challenge your perceptions and spark new ideas.