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CoachHub is the global leader in digital coaching. We enable behavioural change with world class coaching delivered through our state-of-the-art digital platform. Every day, we reinvent people development to support individual, collective and organisational transformation. Our scientific approach has been formulated by our Coaching Lab. Composed of leading experts, CoachingLab utilizes the latest research in behavioural science and positive psychology to create a cutting edge, effective, and holistic coaching approach. Our global pool of over 3,500 certified business coaches in 90 countries offer coaching sessions in over 60 languages to more than 1,000 enterprise clients across six continents and are supported by our international team of over 700 dedicated CoachHubbers. We provide personalised, one-on-one coaching at scale with our AI-enabled technology platform that offers a simple and elegant user experience and a seamless coaching journey. In June 2022, CoachHub closed a $200M Series C funding round, bringing its total funding to $330M. Read more about our announcement and plan for the future here.