Revisit the 2020 agenda - day one

Hear from industry leading suppliers who are spearheading the latest solutions, research and innovations that will reimagine your way of working. Sharpen your skills and take away invaluable insights that you can apply in your working practice the very next day. Whether you are taking a break from the conference or are attending with a free exhibition-only pass, you can choose to watch these online sessions live or on-demand at a time that suits you.

The 2021 free learning programme will be announced over the coming weeks. Watch this space for updates.

Making the festival more inclusive
We’re pleased to be able to provide subtitles and closed captioning for those with hearing disabilities on all conference sessions and free learning sessions in the exhibition hall.

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Stream one

Returning to the workplace: let’s make flexible working the new ‘normal’

In the greatest homeworking experiment we’ve ever seen, CIPD research shows that employers are considering increasing flexible working opportunities beyond the pandemic. What obstacles must be overcome to make this work long-term? What are the lessons learned so far and how can you make flexible working the new ‘normal’? Get practical steps to help you open up inclusive, flexible working for all.

5 ways technology can support HR in a post-COVID, “new normal”
Companies are being forced through the biggest transformation they’ve experienced in decades. Join Kristofer Karsten of Ceridian to discuss some of the huge challenges that HR leaders are facing today.

Learning from experience: HR transformation project pitfalls and remedies
Itelligence Business Solutions
This presentation will reveal the steps required to take your HR transformation initiative on a path to success and ensure you avoid many of the pitfalls that other organisations have fallen into. Building upon experiences of recent HR projects, we’ll discuss the barriers to a successful transformation, share the common HR project issues and explain how to overcome them.

Successful businesses start with successful human experience
Edenhouse Solutions
The best-run businesses function on human experience. Understand how to support, motivate and engage your employees through HR technology, and turn working environments into places of promise and possibility.

Navigate the landscape of employee relations cases
We discuss strategic methods to track and analyse employee relations, delving into root causes and how to use your HR data to elevate case management and support your business strategy.

Putting people at the heart of your HR transformation and improving employee experience, with SAP SuccessFactors
Jigsaw Cloud
Listen to Paul Rae, CEO of Jigsaw Cloud Ltd explain how technology can be optimised to ensure that your people, processes and policies are effective and efficient.

Stream two

The changing face of HR

Is your organisation shifting to people? We researched 500+ HR leaders who gave insight to the HR to people transformation happening over the years, revealing seismic shifts in the way organisations operate. Uncover insights to stay ahead and transform your HR function.

How HR leaders are using video to overcome current challenges

Panopto EMEA 
In the midst of this global health crisis, HR and L&D teams are working to put together a comprehensive and people-first response to the pandemic. HR leaders are now at the front line of this response to enable continuity of operations, engagement of employees and ongoing development of talent. They are working non-stop to provide updated information and advice to senior leaders to facilitate decision making, and to set up contingency plans and approaches to the new models of how work gets done.

The productivity gap: 5 next-gen workforce management strategies to improve employee performance

Workforce Software
Several factors impact employee productivity—from inefficient processes and tools to lack of engagement. Learn 5 strategies to promote employee productivity and engagement with a modern workforce management solution.

The HSE Online Stress Indicator Tool
Health and Safety Executive
This presentation will provide an overview of the HSE stress management standards and the online Stress Indicator Tool, which is a modern and proactive way to help manage this issue.

Addressing the challenges of a 2020 people professional
Actus Software
Host of the popular HR Uprising Podcast, Lucinda Carney shares insights from listeners’ key 2020 challenges with strategic recommendations and tips on how to address these, delivered in an entertaining and interactive style.

Learning and skills at work: Don’t press pause on development
In times of crisis, learning and development is often the first and hardest hit organisational resource. Without investing in workforce skills, adaptability, resilience, learning and continuous improvement amongst employees will decrease. Learn about the latest trends in learning and development strategy and evolving practice through our new research in partnership with Accenture. Find out how organisations are ramping up online learning capabilities to address current skills gaps and take away ideas to implement and make people’s learning a priority.