Revisit the 2020 agenda - day two

Hear from industry leading suppliers who are spearheading the latest solutions, research and innovations that will reimagine your way of working. Sharpen your skills and take away invaluable insights that you can apply in your working practice the very next day. Whether you are taking a break from the conference or are attending with a free exhibition-only pass, you can choose to watch these online sessions live or on-demand at a time that suits you.

The 2021 free learning programme will be announced over the coming weeks. Watch this space for updates.

Making the festival more inclusive
We’re pleased to be able to provide subtitles and closed captioning for those with hearing disabilities on all conference sessions and free learning sessions in the exhibition hall.

Explore the full 2020 free learning programme by selecting each day.

Stream one

The changing world of HR: preparing for the skills-based economy

In the greatest homeworking experiment we’ve ever seen, CIPD research shows that employers are considering increasing flexible working opportunities beyond the pandemic. What obstacles must be overcome to make this work long-term? What are the lessons learned so far and how can you make flexible working the new ‘normal’? Get practical steps to help you open up inclusive, flexible working for all.

How to engage your remote teams with recognition and sustainability
Recognition and purpose are fundamental to engagement, but how do you recognise your employees’ contributions without an office environment? And how can you promote engagement alongside your sustainability initiatives?

Mind the onboarding gap – how to improve the new hire experience and streamline the process
What happens after offer letter and what type of experience will your chosen candidate have? In this session find out how you can provide a supportive, streamlined and engaging onboarding process.

Supporting the health and wellbeing of remote workers
People professionals are at the heart of supporting line managers to engage and motivate their people through the pandemic. Managers on the front line are expected to look after the health and well-being of their virtual teams, which is becoming more complex than ever. While mental and physical well-being is being exacerbated amongst remote workers, what role do organisations have in supporting their wellness? Take away practical tips to help enable a healthy workforce right away.

Stream two

Top tips to triumph – transformative time and labour management
Kronos Systems Limited
Avoid the common pitfalls associated with implementing an automated time and labour management solution. Make sure you know what to expect, so you can deliver a solution that’s truly transformative and delivers value.

The future of workers – a case study on implementing learning and development solutions in the ‘gig economy’
The Open University
We will share our findings from a three-year research into the future of work and explore how the “gig economy” affects workers and organisations alike. We’ll provide a case study of how The Open University has worked with Uber to face these challenges.

Don’t tell – have a coaching conversation
Institute of Leadership and Management
Being able to conduct a coaching conversation is a leadership fundamental. Once you have mastered the basic principles, the opportunities to use coaching conversations in all sorts of scenarios are infinite. This session is a step by step guide of how to hold those conversations wherever you are.

Good work in the time of coronavirus
Good work and job quality is an essential part of a healthy society and economy. It includes fair pay and contracts, fulfilling work, a supportive environment, opportunities to develop and a reasonable work-life balance. What is the state of job quality in the UK and how is it changing as a result of coronavirus? We’ll lift the lid on the quality of people’s working lives, drawing on surveys of UK workers before and throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. Find out what people professionals can do now to protect good work.

How Perkbox created a reward and recognition strategy with ongoing impact

Reward and recognition has no rulebook. At Perkbox, we knew our employees wanted to feel like they are creating an impact. Find out how we created a global R&R strategy that is not just a tickbox.