Opening keynote | 09:30-10:15

Building good businesses - developing resilient workforces to thrive in uncertainty

As fears of a new full recession grow, the global economy shrinks and political chaos drives uncertainty for businesses and shareholders, there is a ray of hope for organisations determined to succeed while driving people and societal well-being.

Are big multinationals destined to take over the market or is there a place for all organisations to thrive despite the increased socio-economic uncertainty? Can we bridge the productivity gap and upskill our people and organisations to create a better society while driving business growth? What have we learnt from the power shifts and political upheavals of the past decade that can help us sharpen our focus and fortify our strategies?

The opening keynote will explore the most recent global macroeconomic and macro-political trends, their implications for businesses and how focusing on good work will enable organisations and their employees build resilience and succeed.