Closing keynote | 16:00-17:00

The Power of Inclusion - overcoming the barriers of a world designed for men

As new generations enter the workforce, inclusion is no longer a ‘nice-to-have’. Organisations must keep up with the evolving expectations of their employees which are no longer satisfied by pay cheques alone. Instead, they want to work for companies committed to values of equality, fairness and inclusion.

Overcoming the barriers of a world largely built for and by men is necessary to stop systemic discrimination against women and diverse employees. But what are the hidden ways in which women and other diversity are forgotten? What is the impact on people’s health and well-being and what can we do about it?

This keynote will explore how organisations can successfully re-design jobs and workplaces to welcome and better cater for all diversity – to create a clear and contagious organisational culture and ensure that we make the most of all our talent while building a better society.