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All the latest news and views from the team behind the Festival of Work, 12-13 June 2019, Olympia London.

Jennifer Jackson of employer branding agency, Wonderful Workplaces, explains why employer branding should be central to your recruitment strategy.

Devyani Vaishampayan asks how do we help HR practitioners become adopters of newly emerging HR Tech?

Exhibitor and sponsor Rising Vibe Ltd, share their 5 C’s for connection in the workplace and bringing emotion back to business.

Professor Sir Cary Cooper CBE explores workplace mental health and how employers can help support their teams. 

The difference between flexible work and remote work is crucial to understand if the UK is to solve its productivity crisis, according to one business leader.

Inside the radical technology Accenture believes could spearhead a revolution in hiring.

The business leader and author explains how her quest for engagement led her to help staff become property tycoons.

Video interviews no longer just look at what people do. They are starting to combine psychometrics and gaming to make them serious contenders for offering a single, one-stop-shop selection tool.

The economist and author on how we could all be more productive if only we cut to the chase.

Maths and memory may be ready for the chop as technology changes the competencies we need for business.

The world chess champion and best-selling author will explain how we can work alongside intelligent machines.

Why the 50-year-old brand is on a mission to be the country’s number one training provider.

Too many of us still think the office is the only place work can happen, says the author of The Human Workplace.

We lift the lid of why the recesses of the internet could hold vital data for acquisitive businesses.

The world of work is in the middle of a huge and profound shift, according to the cloud HR solution provider.

From soft skills to immersive technology, how to understand what’s coming next – and how it will affect businesses.

What to expect across the six content streams and 50-plus sessions that make up this year’s inaugural event.

A welcome to the inaugural Festival of Work from Peter Cheese, CEO of the CIPD.