Two days down - only one to go. Day two of the CIPD Festival of Work on Wednesday 16 June provided further fresh insights, thought-provoking conversations and advice on future trends. Take a look through some of the day two highlights and get festival ready for the final day.

In the conference

CIPD Festival of Work: What does an effective post-pandemic wellbeing initiative look like in practice?

Asia Perspectives kick started day two of the CIPD Festival of Work, including an insightful panel discussion with Michael Jenkins, Justine Cooper and Tony Osude on what an effective post-pandemic wellbeing initiative looks like in practice, and what aspects should be prioritised upon the return to work. 

“The more opportunity we have to raise awareness and really understand, in true terms, what the impact of the pandemic will be, that will ensure that wellbeing stays at the top of the agenda.” Justine Cooper

CIPD Festival of Work: Life in a Hybrid Working Model: the best of both worlds for people and technology

The opening keynote delivered by Dr Carl Benedikt Frey explored the new hybrid working model; what developments in technology will become synonymous with the new era of work and what skills do people need to work alongside technology to enhance the quality of working life. 

“With so much disruption expected in the world of work in years to come, we need an effective welfare state to support the transitions.” Dr Carl Benedikt Frey

CIPD Festival of Work - Allyship and acceptance – Ensuring everyone can be their full selves at work

A powerful conversation on allyship and acceptance with Vivian Acquah, Shereen Daniels, Toby Mildon, Rukasana Bhaijee and Sheree Atcheson covered what leaders and colleagues can do, day-to-day, to empower people from underrepresented groups. 

“If leaders can be transparent about their discomfort and share that, that is part of creating that culture of psychological safety of two-way communication.” Rukasana Bhaijee

“You need a continuous temperature check on inclusion, so we can start to see that when we roll out initiatives, do we see certain things change for different groups of people.” Sheree Atcheson

“Incorporate [diversity measurement] into your ESG framework because this is the language of the board.” Shereen Daniels

Sandra Wallace, Berna Oztinaz, and Peter Cheese talked about the board level conversation –  sharing insights on what corporate governance will look like in a new economic landscape.

“We have to have a common approach and then you have to say, what local nuances do we have to adapt? And do that in a sensitive way.” Sandra Wallace

“Do [companies] really select and work with the right people to represent your values, your culture, your commitments to sustainable value creation?” Berna Oztinaz

CIPD Festival of Work - Learning technology saved the day – Now to embed the digital revolution in learning practice

Donald Clark and Jenny McCulloch discussed what the pandemic taught them about learning technology and the benefits that digitalised learning practice offers. Jenny shared the BBC’s experience, including the highs and lows, of their digital learning journey. 

“We have got collaboration learning groups around the specialist skill area… our learners are telling us what they want, what else they would be interested in, how else might they want to do it and we see that through the data.” Jenny McCulloch

To bring the conference to a close, Amanda Mackenzie OBEPat O’Doherty, and Peter Cheese explored responsible leadership during the pandemic; how have approaches to leading businesses and people evolved, and how to ensure you are maintaining a principles-led and responsible business mindset.

“We have been living effectively through an experiment. A live experiment of working in a different way. We intend to build on that experiment as we come back… to a different world of work.” Pat O’Doherty