The CIPD Festival of Work opened its virtual doors on Tuesday 15 June to 6,000+ professionals registered to attend - all looking to explore how to adapt to the new era of good work. Take a look through the day one highlights and get a sense of what's in store over the next two days of the CIPD Festival of Work.

In the conference

Alex Edmans

Alex Edmans, Professor of Finance and Academic Director at Centre for Corporate Governance (CCG), London Business School, opened this year’s CIPD Festival of Work by exploring responsible business and what its new meaning is in practice. 

“It is not enough to just ‘do no harm.’ There is a shift to actively doing good and actively creating value.” Alex Edmans


A panel discussion on the next phase of strategic workforce planning explored how businesses can ensure they have the necessary strategies and technologies in place to support a hybrid workforce, with Cheryl Samuels, Elaine Mahon and Katherine Templer Lewis

“We are so resilient, but we need to be enabled and we need to be supported.” Katherine Templer Lewis

CIPD Festival of Work - Being part of the next generation of revolutionising leaders – How to steer with a global mindset

A fascinating keynote with David Villa-Clarke BEM, MBA and Allyson Stewart-Allen as they discussed the next generation of revolutionising leaders – what qualities they will have and how to build a global mindset. 

Thinking globally, acting locally.” Allyson Stewart-Allen

Look around… Talent is everywhere. You only have to look to see it.” David Villa-Clarke

CIPD Festival of Work - Pandemic perspective – How did the 2020 'reset button' create new opportunities for HR and business leaders?

To round off the conference in stream one, Peck Kem Low, Clare Chapman, Rick Lee OBE, and Emma Ayton discussed what new opportunities have been created for HR and business leaders in light of the pandemic, including how to encourage experimentation, innovation, and learn-fast behaviours and collaboration.

“Do people who work in our organisations feel that we care for them?” Rick Lee OBE