Alice ter Harr

We speak to Alice ter Haar, People Strategy and Delivery at Deliveroo, ahead of her conference session at the virtual CIPD Festival of Work on 12 June 2020.

Alice will be presenting on 'The flexy-work revolution - enabling a culture of high-performing flexible and remote working' in the Leading Through Adversity stream. ​

Can you tell us a bit more about yourself?
I’m the Founder of Badass Unicorn, a personal development consultancy that shares what Unicorn ($1 bn) companies can teach individuals about hyper-personal growth. I’ve built my business alongside working in People Strategy & Development at Deliveroo for four days a week.

We’re looking forward to your session on ‘The flexy-work revolution – enabling a culture of high-performing flexible and remote working.’ What do you hope delegates will be able to take away and apply in their own work the very next day?
Delegates will explore what flexibility looks like in the Coronavirus “new normal”. They’ll come away with key strategies to make flexibility work for both individuals and businesses they operate in.

What are your own experiences of flexible working?
As someone who’s been working four days a week as an employee and one day a week running their own small business, I’ve experienced at first hand the benefits of an alternative working set-up, which makes me a huge advocate.

What do you think are the most key factors that will need to be taken into consideration as we move into a new world of work post Covid-19?
There’s a lot of uncertainty about how life and work will change… but one thing that won’t change is the need for people’s personal lives and work to interconnect. Life – global pandemic or not – is stressful. And the more harmoniously and authentically we can bring those things together, the easier it becomes…and the better it gets.
What is your biggest piece of advice for anyone attending this year’s virtual CIPD Festival of Work?
Define your “North Star” vision….what would your dream job be in 10 years time? With this, you can take actionable, immediate steps that will empower you to get there.