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Building influence and performance consulting skills

Mark Hendy, HR Manager at Doncasters, outlines how now more than ever, building influence and performance consulting skills is critical to your success.


What we know is invaluable, but how useful is it to others if we can’t make them see what we see? How many opportunities could we be missing in the workplace, if we aren’t able to persuade others of what we believe? What is the cost of lacking the ability to influence?


We live in complex times both outside and inside the workplace with heightening political tensions, difficult and uncertain economic forces, not to mention the deluge of information and the pace of change that we are experiencing.


As such, organisations are presently often working on a shorter-term focus with limited available time and so what they need from HR is good advice and leadership, compelling information, and credible solutions. Without this, there is likely a disconnect that will affect business performance.


At the heart of any HR capability model you will often see a requirement for HR professionals to be able to influence others and that is because it is essential to what we do. We need to be able to articulate, present, and share our views with others, with credibility and depth so that we contribute towards holistic workplace decision making. It sounds obvious, but we’ve been criticised for this in the past. Our reputation has been blemished due to ‘fad-hopping’ and solutioneering (implementing solutions to address problems that might not even exist). It’s time to change all that.


At the CIPD’s inaugural Festival of Work conference, I’ll be delivering a short ‘ignite-style’ talk on how HR professionals can and should build influencing and consulting skills in order to support improved business performance. These are two particular skills which are needed now more than ever.


I’ll be talking about how influence is often dependent on solid credibility and effective communication skills, and how this is often a combination some HR practitioners struggle with, but how now is the time for us to feel confident, raise our game, and demonstrate our ability to significantly impact organisational performance.


I’ll be talking about how we can continue to evolve into an evidence-based profession to help with credibility, and how this is something that is at the heart of the CIPD’s new profession map, as the term and practice of being evidence-based continues to build momentum and change the way the people profession operates.


Finally, I’ll be talking about business performance alignment. I know, sounds dry, but it wont be. Ultimately, at a time when businesses need to perform more than ever, need to differentiate and survive, and need to work in a period of uncertainty unlike anything we’ve experienced for some time, aligning what we do to what the business needs from us in order to perform is critical, and should not be underestimated.

I’ll do this all in 5 minutes, and 15 slides! See you there.


Mark Hendy

Mark Hendy, HR Manager at Doncasters is a self-confessed HR geek, who loves talking about everything related to the workplace and employment, including legislation, practice, technology, leadership, and what the future workplace will look like.




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