A message from Peter Cheese


The future of work is human

This new Festival of Work will help to build a future of work that is truly human.

People’s welfare and well-being are vital – not only for the sake of people themselves but also for the societies, economies and the organisations they work for.

But today’s workers face tough pressures, from job automation and workplace stress to long working lives and a lack of investment in their skills. That’s why we need to shape a different future – one that puts people at its core.

This festival will explore how the future of work could benefit everyone: individuals, businesses, economies and society. So its appeal will stretch beyond people professionals to the entire work-based community.

For visitors, the Festival of Work will be their guide through the forces changing the workplace, helping them to get ready for the future.

For our partners, it will be an unprecedented chance to reach over 7,000 people professionals and business leaders at a groundbreaking show.

Our first Festival of Work will be a big event, and it’s set to get bigger still. I hope that you will be able to join us as we help to build a better future for people at work.

Peter Cheese

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